Asset Packages coming up soon…

Me and my partner is going to upload asset packages to Unity Asset Store including the Lava Flowing Shader(will be free) and a particle effect package. Please check the reddit post here :


I am responsible for the shader part and my partner creates particles with my shaders. I played around with different unlit shaders like hard/soft dissolve with/without edges and soft rim. You can checkout the document there for more information.

There is something good to try in Unity5, which my partner found that Unity has a great function called shader multi-compile. A great tutorial from showing how to use the function. I used to create duplicated shaders with slight differences according to my partner’s request, everytime he requests a new shader I have to create a multiple numbers of shader files, and then everytime I found some bugs and fixed them I have to modify that amount of files…..but now, just 2 shader files 🙂 Lovely


So we are still preparing these currently and are trying to gather comments/suggestions. Feel free to speak some words. ^_^

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