📌Shader Tutorial Links


[This post would keep updated]
The tutorials are originally made for internal knowledge share. But because these knowledge are so useful to everyone who uses Unity, so I got the permission to share them.

The goal of this series of tutorials is not just teaching you how to write shaders — is to learn how important shader is and WHY & HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR GAME!

I was a game artist before and I understand the pain. I was always being questioned about how to optimize games and how to reduce draw calls. The concept is always the same and this is what I want to share to all of you.



SHADER TUTORIAL #1 – 3D in Unity

SHADER TUTORIAL #2 – Rendering An Object

SHADER TUTORIAL #3 – Power of Shaders (I)


SHADER TUTORIAL #4 – Ordering of Objects

SHADER TUTORIAL #5 – Rendering Orders in Unity

SHADER TUTORIAL #6 – Draw Calls and Batching


SHADER TUTORIAL #7 – Shaders in Unity

SHADER TUTORIAL #8 – Lighting in Surface Shader

SHADER TUTORIAL #9 – More Functions in ShaderLab

SHADER TUTORIAL #10 – Power of Shaders (II)


SHADER TUTORIAL #11 – Make Better Shaders

SHADER TUTORIAL #12 – More into Rendering Pipelines

SHADER TUTORIAL #13 – Further Readings


Here is an older version of my tutorial. Pretty hard to read so that’s why I made new ones. [Link]


A little link of the outline document for myself

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