UnityObjectToClipPos(use float4 instead of float3)

In the past, we uses mul(UNITY_MATRIX_MVP, v.vertex) to convert vertex position from local to world space. v.vertex is float4 which has w component.

But in most cases w is = 1. To make vertex shader run faster, Unity replaced it with UnityObjectToClipPos(float3 pos), which ignores w component even you pass a float4 position instead of float3.

For some advanced users who still need the w component in their custom shaders, here is a cheaper UnityObjectToClipPos() function which respects the w component!😄

// More efficient than computing M*VP matrix product
inline float4 UnityObjectToClipPosRespectW(in float4 pos)
    return mul(UNITY_MATRIX_VP, mul(unity_ObjectToWorld, pos));

This is provided by one of the Unity graphics developer, Yao.

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